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Les rapports de l'Iran

Iran Journey
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Our Tours


How   our   tours   work

Nearly all our tours to Iran  , are  itinerary  based - in other Meaning, we show you around  Iran  with stops  at  several  different  destinations  along  the  way  so that  you  can see, learn  and  enjoy  as much as  possible. We don't run package holidays with just a flight and Hotels  or  Museums .

We offer tours which concentrate on different geographical areas, have a lot of or no adventurous activities included, and that feature a range of comfort and accommodation levels. You can join a small-group or enjoy a completely private or tailor-made holiday  experience .


Small-Group Tours

Nearly all the tours detailed on this website have regular departures that you may join as an individual, couple, family or group of friends. Joining a group tour is a great way to enjoy the destination at a lower cost, and  also meet some like-minded people along the way. check it out  at the main page  as  " Group Tour " Block  .

We keep the minimum number in some  packages  to improve  the  flexibility  of   trip date  and in some other  packages  the maximum number in each group small (max 12-18) to improve your experience and relationship with your guide and with other members in the group. The minimum number of travelers required for a tour to run is also kept as low as possible  as  the  " group size " on   " Tour facts " are given on each tour web page  which means that  for  running  this  tour , there  should  be  minimum  number  as given .

In the case with more delegates  through the Customized Tours  inform  us  your  Enquiry for  your  specific  price .    

During busy periods we often run several groups on the same tour starting on the same date. When this happens, we take great care to split our travelers up in such a way as to give you the best holiday experience (eg. keeping similar ages together, families with similar aged children together).

Private Tours

All the suggested tour itineraries on this website can also be run privately on nearly any date  to  fit with your available holiday. if you do not want to travel with other people in a larger group, or if you want the extra flexibility and personal touch that a private tour affords.

You can book the itineraries exactly as they are described, or they can be extended or shortened to suit your travel requirements. Prices for  each tour are given on each tour web-page - because we keep our group tour minimum numbers low  therefore  the extra cost for doing  the same  tour  privately is not  very  high  or  doesn't  have  very  difference  to  the Board price .

Trailor-made Tours ours

You can also use the itineraries on this website as a starting point to give you some interesting ideas and to show you what is possible. If you contact us with ideas and requirements, we can then customize an itinerary to fit your personal preferences and interests, available dates and budget. Our  travel consultants know IRAN very well and have years of experience in designing itineraries for our travelers, and are always very happy to work with you and provide their own suggestions to ensure you end up with a really special holiday.

We also often work with larger groups including schools, dive clubs and societies, so if you are an organization or business looking for a tailor-made tour, please contact us and our staff will be happy to help.


Tour Leaders / Guides

Our policy at  Iran Journey  is to use  local guides and  tour leaders, as we feel that this not only contributes to the local economy but also provides you with the best local knowledge available. Local guides can almost invariably give more information and bring a country, its history, culture and nature alive much more than National  guides. All our guides are fully trained, have a high level of English or other  Languages, and are experienced in dealing with western travelers.

 We select our guides carefully and value them very highly as we know how important a good guide is to your holiday experience. We are very pleased that many of our guides been working with us for many years. Our clients often describe their tour guide as being one of the highlights of their holiday .


What transport do we use


In keeping with our aim for our tours to immerse themselves in the local culture and environment, when practical, we suggest the use of public Bus Coaches instead of internal flights.

some tours may include an internal flight as part of the set itinerary where we feel it greatly improves your experience and the running of the tour.

For other journeys and your sightseeing tours, we use private coaches, mini-buses, mini-vans, people carriers or cars depending on the number of people in your party. We always ensure there is a good ratio of extra free seats to travelers to give you space and so you don't feel squashed. All vehicles are regularly inspected, air-conditioned (except for some 4x4 desert  areas  Vehicles ), and many are fitted with speed limiters and speed reporting & satellite navigation devices. In some areas such as Wadi  ( OASIS ) , we are obliged to use locally owned vehicles and are not able to provide our own, and in these places vehicle quality and safety standards may be lower.

Please see the tour itinerary pages for specific transport arrangements for each tour.